Due to the weather forecast for April 7, Saturday Night Lights is canceled and will begin on April 14. We added an extra date on May 19.


New Heights Skills and Drills Training Sessions with Ahmed Elmaghraby

Hitting - 8 Sessions Athletes will get instruction and breakdown of the hand, body, and foot positioning to get the most powerful and accurate hit.

Stick work - 8 Sessions Athletes will methodically be instructed how to move the ball in tight spaces and larger spaces. They will be instructed in the proper hand and body positioning to create more speed and control when on the move. Athletes will also learn the techniques of various feints that can be used to win 1v1 situations

Passing and Receiving - 8 Sessions Athletes will learn how to create, release, and receive the ball in 2v1 situations. This session will focus on the instruction and technique of hand, body and foot positioning.

Intermediate Training - 6 Sessions For all athletes that are interested in improving their skills in the areas of striking, stick work, passing and receiving, and shots on goal. This 6 week session will start with the fundamentals and progress to a more advanced level of understanding and skill for each athlete.

Advanced Training - 6 Sessions For the athlete that is serious about playing in college. This training will focus on mastering the fundamentals and introducing more advanced skills such as power striking, feints, and drag flicks.

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